Things you need to be aware of whie using laser pointers

In recent years, more and more high power green laser pointer have sooner spread all over the world, while its potential risks to human retina by the strong performance of the laser beam have increased seriously. Therefore, people should always pay close attention and take active measures to avoid violating the dangers of powerful beam.

There is no longer the latest news of the air crash caused by the high power laser pointer. Once the beam is directed into the eyes of the driver or conductor, the beam is strong enough at the sight of them and which can cause damage in a very short time and finally bring the tragedy of the air disaster. It does not mean all of laser pointers own high risk of damage to the eyes, and it is unlikely that the laser pointer with an average range power of 5mW to 20mW can hurt human eyes.

While pointing a lower power laser gadget, people have no need to worry too much and needn’t pay special attention. However, with the increasingly improved of output power and gradually increased laser holder group, more and more people have begun to pay attention to high output power laser gadgets. People prefer to select medium and high power range green laser pointer to pop balloon, stargazing in astronomy research, light matches or cigarettes, burn plastic or rubbers, and cut electric tapes etc. meanwhile, this has greatly increased the risk of human retina damage during such powerful pointing in entertainment.

The powerful light of laser pointer is a potential hazard to human eyes that could burn the retina of the human eye.

The most serious thing is that once the beam of light directly pointed in the human eye, which is certainly worse than the diffusion of the road or the side is seen by the laser light. High power, more dangerous is the laser pointer. The risk of laser emission depends on the wavelength of laser light, the output power of the laser pointer, laser beam divergence and the distance from one person to the laser light. The long-term direct pointing the laser beam on the human eye would be the most dangerous thing to do, so people still need to take active measures to protect human eye from radiation.

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