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Made of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum, this high power laser dazzler is an ideal non-lethal weapon to equip policeman and army force, or other trained associations to force a temporary blindness, yet no permenant eye damage to any target or criminals. This dazzler should only be used on a target at a distance greater than 3 meters with the focus tuned and greater than 10 meters whithout the focus tuned. The maximum effective range is considered to be 200 meters in sunlight and 2 kilometers at night. Viewing the laser and measuring qualitatively and not quantitatively determined the maximum.

This compact laser dazzler is avaible from 250mW ~600mW in 532nm Green laser, with two temperature tolerance range for choice:

1. Normal Version: with natural air cooling, the dazzler can withstand normal temerature range for 15-25℃. 

2. Wider temperature version: with active cooling, the dazzler can withstand wide temperature range of ±10%-25℃.

The focus tunable features can employ the laser beam to allow for use on closer targets.

The pulse mode (Code Switch) is available in the Wider temperature version which runs on two 26650/18650 lithium batteries.

Choice of Mechanical Switch and Code Switch

Choose Mechanical Switch for momentary switch on/off, while the constantly on/off switch for continuous waves.

Choose Code Switch (available only for the Wider temparature version), you’ll be able to select between half and full powers of your laser.

Lock and Safety 

TITAN 520nm green laser pointer handheld aircraft grade aluminum

Laser dazzlers are not toys and are for adult use only. To protect the lens from any dust while storing, we designed a lens cap that is made of the same robust Aircraft grade Aluminum. And to give you full control over the World’s strongest laser, you can turn it off in any case using the end Keylock, it is important to keep it away from children or any untrained hands.

Focus Adjustable & Beam Expendable

titan 520nm green laser pointer most powerful in the world 

Integrated to the internal precious focus adjusting mechanism, the laser dazzler is equipped with a newly designed tactic head. Mountable with a 10X beam expander, this feature makes it possible to reduce the diameter of your laser's beam at maximum range - increasing the effective range of your laser by up to 10 times.

This laser dazzler is user friendly

TITAN 520nm green laser pointer handheld aircraft grade aluminum

To bring out the max of the durable diodes, this laser dazzler is integrated with AC wall adapter, simply connect it to your wall jack through a standard AC adapter, it’ll free you from all those choices of batteries, you can even leave the tail cap alone as you like. This DC docket is also mountable on a Tripod.

And of cause, for mobile use, this laser dazzler accept 3 main types of batteries. While 2pcs of 16340 Lithium batteries is enough to bring out the brightness of the lasers, this laser dazzler comes with a spare robust Aluminum barrel, this extension helps the laser to achieve a much longer Runtime & to shine like no one else. It accepts either 2pcs of 26650 or 2pcs of 18650 (adaptable plastic battery barrels are provided) rechargeable lithium batteries. You’ll find this renovation design nowhere else in the market.

Our Guarantees

  • We guarantee delivery to every country in the world or your money back.
  • We guarantee your laser will be free from defects for a full year from the date of receipt.
  • We guarantee a 30-day money back return policy.

Data sheet

Wavelength 532nm +/- 1nm
Net Weight 580g
Dimensions 40mm(head)x35mm(dia.)× 26cm(length)/ 35 cm(length)
Laser Body 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum
Beam Divergence around 2mRad
Transverse Mode near TEMₒₒ
Operating Mode CW for mechanical switch, CW + Pulse Mode for code switch
Power Density ~3.0 mW/cm2
Power Tolerance 15-25℃ @5mins (normal temerature version); ±10%-25℃ @5mins (wide temperature version)
Full Divergence 1.0~10.0 mrad, adjustable
Beam Diameter ≦200cm @100m
Effective Distance around 1000meters
Illumination Range ≦500meters
Working Mode CW / pulse (HZ)
Working Temperature 15℃~25℃ (normal temperature version); -10℃~55℃ (wide temperature version)
Working Humidity 20-85%RH
Storage Temperature 0℃~55℃ (normal temerature version); -25℃~75℃ (wide temperature version)
Storage Humidity 10-95%RH
Power Supply 1 x 18650/26650 lithium batteries OR 5V wall adapter
Working Voltage 7V
Expected Diode Life Time ≧8000hours
Laser Safety Class Class 3B for 5 - 500mW; Class 4 for above 500mW
Anti-Knock GBT 2423.43-2008
Anti-Interference GB/T17626.8-1998
Warranty 1 year
Anti-Impact IEC 60068-2-47:2005
Also in the package charger for 26650 batteries, lens cleaning cloth, safety key, instruction and warranty card, magnetic unit as spare in case of a need to connect 2x flat head 26650 bateries, plastic transparent tubes to use smaller 18650 batteries


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