Here are the best High Power Green Laser Pointer in the Internet

Wow, I would say nobody can refuse their strong desire of getting their own presentation – Pen Style Green Laser Pointer. The latest developed Acheron series pen style green laser pointer is a super popular one all over the world.

It would be an interesting thing to do astronomy research with this pen style laser. The 532 nanometer green laser gadget can always omitting a strong and bright beam, which has made it possible for astronomy lovers to watch stars and other celestial objects several hundred miles far away. The low power Green laser Pointer can always be used to watch tiny spot in low clouds and do some help in our daily life.

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Range from 5milliwatt to 150milliwatt, the beam of laser device can travel as long as 8000 meters. It is rare to see a lower power green laser can have such long distance beam visibility. In our daily life, this pen style green laser device can be used as a perfect tool for presentation in teaching, teaching, lecture, astronomy, museums, gallery guides, building and mining field, Bars, clubs, concert site.
Comparing with those former laser diodes this class III laser pointer have High Power Green Laser-Pointer performance ratio in both quality and price. The constant sophisticated laser crystal technology has made the beam more powerful and longer distance beam visibility, and there is along a bigger price distance than those former laser pointers.
It would be always a big pity if you missed such high performance ratio laser. This multiple function laser pen is always your good partner both for entertainment and daily life use.

Green Laser Pointer Wavelength